The Leading Provider of Soundproofing in Scotland

We install soundproofing to walls, ceilings and floors, creating sound solutions for all your domestic and commercial spaces.

Why Choose us?

Our friendly, professional tradesmen deliver our services to the highest possible standards. We arrive in an unmarked van so there’s never any need to worry about causing bad feelings with your neighbours and other residents, who might take your need for noise reduction as a personal slight. Discretion is just another part of the service when you choose our team to handle your domestic soundproofing or commercial soundproofing requirements.

When you enlist Edinburgh’s Soundproofing Scotland, you’ll be dealing with tradesmen with a wealth of trade and industry experience. We know that you’ll be amazed at how effective our insulated domestic soundproofing and commercial soundproofing really is. That’s why we have the confidence to offer a lifetime guarantee on all materials and labour.

Premium quality

Quality Sound Proof Walls

We create soundproof walls for all home and business properties in Edinburgh, Glasgow and all surrounding areas; size is never an issue. From a single room to a complete property development, our professional team handles all of your domestic soundproofing and commercial soundproofing requirements considerately and at a competitive price that offers genuine value-for-money.

Our coverage and mobility extend beyond Edinburgh, through Scotland (including Glasgow), and into the northeast of England. Our tried and tested noise reduction solutions provide a finish that’s ready for immediate decorating and a room space that neutralises the frustration of noisy neighbours or your own impact on the local community.